A Bit About Me

My approach is client-centred

Which means I start by collecting information, understanding and exploring my clients’ needs first, then designing tailored strategies and programs that work for them.

And as I mentioned, I’ve been there. The travel, clients, deadlines, stress, long lunches and late dinners were all part of my 20-year journey in corporate life, but it wasn’t until I came out the other side that I realised the toll on my physical and emotional health, as well as the impact it had on the relationships in my life. So I’ve walked the path that I’ll walk alongside you.

Outside of my private practice I’ve trekked 5,895m up Kilimanjaro, twice summited the 4,061m Gran Paradiso in Italy as well as France’s 4,808m Mont Blanc, I’ve glacier hiked and day-climbed in the Alps. I’ve completed a 100km Ultra Trail marathon in the Blue Mountains and am now in my fourth year of my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey. I also teach strength and conditioning classes for adults, run a BJJ class for kids and volunteer at a primary school teaching ethics every week.

I’m all about progress, getting it done, each day better than the last, each achievement a step up, and I know people are at their best when they’re strong physically and mentally.

You can expect a journey that’s collaborative and ever-evolving, keeping you on track, interested, well-informed and progressing.


Certificate of Special Strong®
Group Instructor Certification

Certificate of Precision Nutrition Level 1, Certificate in Exercise Nutrition

Certificate of Special Strong®
Trainer Certification – Level 1

Special Strong Individual & Group Trainer (Certified) I help clients improve and move through the CBSE Model (see below) this model is based on up-to-date scientific research for the special needs population and provides my clients with a purposeful way to exercise:

Core, balance and flexibility, Brain & Sensory System, Strength & Muscle Development & Endurance & Stamina Adaptation

Precision Nutrition Coach (Certified) Precision Nutrition is the worlds leading nutrition, coaching, software and certification company. Proven with over 100,000 people over 15 years, their mission is research driven, life changing nutrition coaching for everyone